Question: Who is David A. Moyer?
Answer: I am a Freelance Paralegal and Notary Public. I am also a Professional Resume Writer.

Founder of Moyer Paralegal Services, Ltd., my main focus is to help attorneys expand their practice in a more cost-efficient manner by providing legal support services on an as-needed basis.

Question: How do I save attorneys time and money?
Answer: A few of the ways I can help:
– Legal research
– Legal writing
– Client intake
– Litigation support
– Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition Preparer
– Serve as a remote testimony witness for telephone hearings: *
* Notaries are the ideal candidates for this role because they are state-appointed public officials whose duty is to serve as impartial witnesses to any number of transactions. Identifying signers and administering oaths and affirmations are also part of their duties.
– My e-Book on a Trial Notebook (see below) for your office or firm.

Launching new services such as:
– Notary Public,
– Mobile Notary (for your clients who are home bound, hospitalized, can’t drive or can’t leave work) and
– Local Process Serving.
I hope to continue to provide VALUE to attorneys.

I am the author of: Creating a Trial Notebook. 
– This is a basic outline for creating a Trial Notebook that touches on all the critical components.
– It accompanied a lecture I gave entitled “A Crash Course in Trial Preparation for Paralegals“. Now an Amazon bestseller!

And the author of: How I Became a Freelance Paralegal.
– In this eBook you will learn what a freelance paralegal is.
– How I became a freelance paralegal.
– What I consider to be the characteristics of a successful freelance paralegal.
– Questions to ask yourself before you start a freelance paralegal business.
Both are available on Amazon.com 

Lastly, I am followed by Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, former Minnesota Senator Al Franken, and President Barack Obama.

Hi! I’m Krypto. I’m named after Superman’s dog. I’m an all white Siberian Husky w/blue eyes & a pink nose! I like to hang out in David’s office.