David A. Moyer is a Freelance Paralegal and Notary Public. He is also a Professional Resume Writer.

Founder of Moyer Paralegal Services, Ltd., David’s main focus is to help attorneys expand their practice in a more cost-efficient manner by providing legal support services on an as-needed basis.

A few of the ways Mr. Moyer helps attorneys save time and money:
– Legal research
– Legal writing
– Client intake
– Litigation support
– Bankruptcy Petition Preparer
– Serve as a remote testimony witness for telephone hearings:
Notaries are the ideal candidates for this role because they are state-appointed public officials whose duty is to serve as impartial witnesses to any number of transactions. Identifying signers and administering oaths and affirmations are also part of their duties.

Launching new services such as:
– Notary Public and
– Mobile Notary (for your clients who are home bound, hospitalized, can’t drive or can’t leave work),
– Resume Coaching & Writing and,
– Assisting with the I-9 form as an Authorized Representative;
David hopes to continue to provide VALUE to attorneys.

He is the author of the eBook: Creating a Trial Notebook. 
This eBook is a basic outline for a Trial Notebook touching on all the critical components. It is a good refresher for those familiar with a Trial Notebook. It is to the point and an easy read. It is a companion book to a class I taught entitled “A Crash Course in Trial Preparation for Paralegals”.

And the author of: How I Became a Freelance Paralegal.
In this eBook you will learn what a freelance paralegal is, how I became a freelance paralegal, what I consider to be the characteristics of a successful freelance paralegal and questions to ask yourself before you start a freelance paralegal business.
Both are available on Amazon.com 

Lastly, he is followed by Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, former Minnesota Senator Al Franken, President Barack Obama, and NPR (National Public Radio)

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