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Joyce Jackson, Business Account Executive at Spectrum

Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement

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“I just want everyone to know that David is an absolute professional!! Very hands on and knowledgeable and he has a certain way of pulling out the best in you and translating it in a way that showcases your real talents on paper. I was very impressed with the work he did for me […]

Thank You For Your Support!

Thank you for supporting Moyer Paralegal Services, Ltd., a small business. Know that by supporting me, you are helping to provide food on my family’s table and a roof over our heads during these uncertain times.
My heart goes out to everyone during this unsure time. I am deeply concerned about everyone’s health and well-being, […]

“Outsourcing Paralegal Work: Why Remote Paralegals Are the Future of Legal.”

Outsourcing Paralegal Work: Why Remote Paralegals Are the Future of Legal

The demands of modern legal departments tend to fluctuate significantly based upon any number of factors in play at any moment in time. As a result, staffing choices require a certain level of flexibility.

Paralegal Work: The Basics

Paralegals are valuable assets to any legal team. […]

“Virtual Paralegals Move Legal Work Online.”

So You Want to Be a Virtual Paralegal

Then you definitely need to read the recent feature article, “Virtual Paralegals Move Legal Work Online,” recently published by Law Technology News. Here are some highlights from the article:

Some paralegals prefer the adjective “freelance” to “virtual,” because they are real paralegals, and some of their work […]