Dear Attorney:

     How often have you wished you had a “right arm” – someone to assist you with your heavy caseload?

     Have you ever put off doing that correspondence that’s been sitting on your desk – or answering or propounding interrogatories – or doing that research – or preparing that Trial Notebook – or anything else that’s been sitting on your desk.

     How often have you sought out ways to increase your productivity without substantially increasing the costs of providing efficient and expedient services to your clients?

    No doubt, QUITE OFTEN!

   The additional assistance you have been seeking is available through the legal support services described in this website. These services are provided on an as-needed basis, thus enabling you to expand your practice in a cost-efficient manner.

   To discuss YOUR needs contact me at 330-203-3661


                             DAVID A. MOYER

Moyer Paralegal Services, Ltd. saves you money because you have:
NO Training costs
NO Unemployment taxes
NO Social Security taxes
NO Worker’s Comp Insurance
NO Sick time or vacation time
NO Contributions to retirement or health plans
NO Need to pay for down time
NO Work space problems
NO Overtime
NO Personnel problems