Dear Attorney:

     How often have you wished you had a “right arm” – someone to assist you with your heavy caseload?

     Have you ever put off doing that correspondence that’s been sitting on your desk – or answering or propounding interrogatories – or doing that research – or preparing that Trial Notebook – or anything else that’s been sitting on your desk.

     How often have you sought out ways to increase your productivity without substantially increasing the costs of providing efficient and expedient services to your clients?

    No doubt, QUITE OFTEN!

   The additional assistance you have been seeking is available through the legal support services described in this website. These services are provided on an as-needed basis, thus enabling you to expand your practice in a cost-efficient manner.

Key services I can do to improve your practice:

Manage client communication
Interview clients and witnesses
Review and organize client files
Conduct legal research
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition Preparer
Prepare legal documents
Summarize depositions, interrogatories and testimony
Assist at closings and trials
Serve as remote testimony witness for telephone hearings: Notaries are the ideal candidates for this role because they are state-appointed public officials whose duty is to serve as impartial witnesses to any number of transactions. Identifying signers and administering oaths and affirmations are also part of their duties.
Help your practice save time and do more billable work
Increase law firm efficiency
Perform Mobile Notary services for your clients who are home bound, hospitalized, can’t drive or can’t leave work
My eBook for your firm:  “Creating a Trial Notebook”

Question: What are the financial advantages of using Moyer Paralegal Services, Ltd.?
Answer: Just as the fees charged by lawyers and law firms vary depending upon the scope and complexity of the project and the experience level of those performing the work, so do the fees charged by Freelance Paralegals.  The important thing to remember is that the price quoted is your bottom line, without the hidden costs of federal and local taxes, FICA, unemployment insurance premiums, workers compensation coverage or any other statutorily mandated charges, nor any of the benefits normally provided to employees, which often add 30% or more to the stated compensation rate. All this enables you to pass on cost savings to your clients.

Question: Why choose Moyer Paralegal Services, Ltd. over a temporary agency or an employment agency?
Answer:It is far less expensive for you, and you develop a relationship with an experienced paralegal who has a flexible schedule and the skills to meet your needs. Any training value is realized by utilizing the same paralegal as each need arises. Their expertise can be used to fill-in during an absence or handle any overflow work. Or test your staffing needs prior to hiring full-time or part-time staff.

Question: What are your hourly rates?
Answer: Thanks for asking. I don’t bill by the hour. I have found that it is better, for both me and my clients, to create a detailed project scope and a fixed price. You will know exactly what services and deliverables I will provide and how much you will invest in the project. No surprises!