I assist with I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification!
A Notary Public is an excellent choice for completing Form I-9 for remote hires. Employers often direct their new remote hires to contact a Notary because they are easy to find, and because notaries are accustomed to identifying their clients, reviewing official documents and witnessing signatures.

I-9 Form Verification is only $25.00!

I can also travel to your location.*
*Moyer Paralegal Services, Ltd. charges a travel fee based on your location. Travel fees are always quoted upfront and travel fees must be agreed upon before a notary will perform any duties.

I also have a phone solution:
When you request this service, I immediately send you an email to introduce myself and explain how the process will move forward.

I instruct you to:
Complete Section 1 
Select the identification documents that you will present (I provide the “Lists of Acceptable Documents)
Identify the person from your circle of friends, family, and acquaintances who will act as the “Authorized Representative.” I require the individual to be an adult (0ver 18) and, obviously, not yourself
Schedule the phone appointment

You will call me at their selected time. I will:
Confirm that you and the authorized representative are together, face to face
Review page 1 with you
Confirm with the representative that the identification documents are original, unexpired, from the lists of acceptable documents, and appropriate for any special employment status
Guide the representative to complete Section 2 and the Certification section

When you schedule service, you will choose how you want the form and identification documents returned to you upon completion

I-9 form verification training from Notary 2 Pro