I notarize documents in the following businesses, industries, organizations and places:

Attorneys and Law firms
Social Workers
Bail Bond Companies
Police Departments
Fire Departments
Businesses (large or small)
Residential Homes
Hospitals and Health Care Facilities
Nursing Homes, Assisted Care Facilities, Hospices
Real Estate Agents
Mortgage and Finance Institutions
Title Companies
Loan Signing Companies

Structured Settlement Firms
Unclaimed Asset Firms
Tax Loan Businesses
Associations and Groups
Construction Sites
Schools, colleges, and universities (I notarize the Identity & Statement of Educational Purpose)
Travel Agencies
Bus Depots and Train Stations
FedEx/UPS offices
Coffee Shops

Notary Training:
Your Responsibilities as a Notary Public – NALS, The Association for Legal Professionals
Notary Essentials Course – National Notary Association

• A form presented for notarization should be completed prior to presenting it to the Notary. A Notary cannot acknowledge a signature on a blank form.
• An Ohio Notary Public can notarize documents issued in any Ohio county.
• Personal appearance IS required for all signers, whether physically or over a webcam device; the latter can ONLY be handled by a notary approved by the Ohio Secretary of State to do online notarizations.
• A Notary Public CANNOT offer legal advice.
• It is a signature, not a document, which is notarized.
• The signer must present identification (preferably government-issued, non-expired, with photo and signature) to the satisfaction of the notary. However, ANY ID that reasonably satisfies the notary is acceptable, including expired.