In a continuing effort to provide new services I am announcing an Insurance information service!

Our New Service is provided by a licensed Ohio insurance agent who will answer your questions, for a nominal fee, regarding:
* Your insurance policy
* Insurance claims
* General insurance questions
* How to contact the Ohio Department of Insurance and when you would need to do so.

This service is only available for the State of Ohio and covers the following insurance lines:
* Health
* Accident
* Life
* Property
* Casualty
Our staff member will never solicit insurance or advocate a change in your current agent and/or provider.

Insurance agent licensed by the State of Ohio






I assist with I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification!

A Notary Public is an excellent choice for completing Form I-9 for remote hires. Employers often direct their new remote hires to contact a Notary because they are easy to find, and because notaries are accustomed to identifying their clients, reviewing official documents and witnessing signatures.
I-9 Form Verification is only $25.00! I can also travel to your location.*
*Moyer Paralegal Services, Ltd. charges a travel fee (from $10 to $25) based on your location. Travel fees are always quoted upfront and travel fees must be agreed upon before a notary will perform any duties.

I have Verify I-9 Training from Notary 2 Pro





I also notarize the Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose!