Don’t like your current job or career? Then isn’t it time to make a change? If you are looking for a new job, a new career, or are fresh from school let us help you! We will custom-create a professional resume designed to fit YOUR objective, experience, and job situation! Our goal has always been to create the best possible resume for an individual. We can handle all fields and industries as well as all levels of education from high school to Doctorate.

A resume is often the only information a recruiter or prospective employer has to evaluate you, so creating a professional first impression is absolutely vital! It’s not easy to express your strengths and professional qualifications effectively in a resume. A slight typo or a mistake in spelling, punctuation, grammar, or format could damage your chances of getting an interview.

Our resumes are customized and tailor-made to fit your respective work experience, education and objective. They showcase and highlight an individual’s talents, giving them a competitive advantage over their peers in their job search. So whether you’ve set your sights on moving to a different company, starting a new career, or are just entering the work force for the first time; we are confident that our service will maximize your chances of getting an interview for the job you deserve!

For perspective:
Entry-level professionals (0 to 5 years of experience)
$175 to $250

Mid-level professionals (5 to 10 years of experience)
$250 to $375

Senior-level professionals (10+ years of experience)
$350 to $575

Question: How do I pay for your services?
Answer: All payments are processed via email. After you decide which service(s) that you would like to proceed with, you will receive an invoice via email.

The first draft is sent via Microsoft Word and from there you will see a series of personalized questions and comments that enable you to explain more about your experiences, skill set and achievements. Once you respond to the questions and comments, the draft will be fully revised.

“I just want everyone to know that David is an absolute professional!! Very hands on and knowledgeable and he has a certain way of pulling out the best in you and translating it in a way that showcases your real talents on paper. I was very impressed with the work he did for me and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone!!!”
— Joyce Jackson

“Hello everyone,
For many years I have been having others create a Resume for me and I have found that it was not professional at all. Well, I must say I have recently had my Resume updated and I have hit the jackpot! Introducing Mr. David Moyer who is a true Professional Resume writer. If anyone is looking to have their Resume done, he’s your guy.
Tell him I sent you. You will not be disappointed. !!!!”
— Yvette Hawes

“Received! Love it! Yes, I love it! Thanks!”
“Please include your contact information! Thanks again Dave!”
— Dawn Ehora

Hi David, hope all is well. Your skills are top notch… amazing work.  Thank you so much!  I’ll see if I can send some business your way. Thanks again & have a blessed day.
— Edward Washington, III